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  • MassageMassage : exploring today's touch therapies

    succeed at retailing, clients and therapists benefit from product sales; make more money, how to use retail to help clients and your bottom line; sales tax and licenses; retail therapy, create health in clients and your practice; educate clients, don't sell products; apps for your practice; massage research organizations; buyers guide: aromatherapy; body sculpting and cellulite management; business and office tools; clothing; earth friendly, green; education; hot and cold therapy; insurance; lubricants;arketing; massage chairs; massage tables; massage table accessories; massage tools and equipment; nutrition; pillows, cushions, bolsters; reference; retail; self care; sheets and linens; spa treatment supplies; waiting and session room accessories; exam resources; scholarships, grants and giveaways; a-z company directory; educational resources; marketplace; calendar.

  • the Chiropractic Assistantthe Chiropractic Assistant : magazine for the chiropractic assistant

    guiding patients to insurance benefits; a chiropractic assistant,ca, path to professional development; methods for staying present with patients, separate professional life from personal life, limit use cell phones social media at work, practice mindfulness; automating your payment plans; sports medicine insights, understand-rehabilitate-prevent, help patients prevent low back pain, exercise programming.

  • the American Chiropractorthe American Chiropractor : magazine of the chiropractic profession

    biotics research celebrates 40 years of service to healthcare profession; 2017 aca rehab council annual symosium; requirements for chronic pain therapy; how safe is your technique; arches and orthotic support, arch collapse, pes planus flat foot, excessive pronation, static support, dynamic support, postural benefits; have you been diagnosed without your knowledge; using a blood test to determine nutritional support and endocrine function; newton's laws of physics applied to chiropractic adjuastment utilizing motion adjusting; practice management, narrative chiropractic, narrative medicine; will rising taxes decimate your retirement; scar formation may be hindering your patients outcomes; ; spine and wine, interview dr. chris colloca.

  • Life EnergyLife Energy

    Diamond, John M.D.

    meridians; emotions; energy; creativity; mental health; acupuncture; overcoming fear; muscle testing; thymus gland; cerebral hemispheres.

  • MassageMassage : exploring today's touch therapies

    new massage continuing education plan met with opposition; muscles have an internal clock; symptoms of stress; new link found between chronic pain and anxiety disorders, peptide pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide, pacap; opioid users surveyed on pain relief; public speaking for introverts; what are the most important areas to focua on as I make the leap to self employment;best practices, oncology massage; reconnecting with life, the power of healthy touch in addication recovery; top 8 ways to keep up with massage research;medical massage therapy; the significance of energy depletion, inflammation; new on the scene, new products and services; myofascial trogger points, what are they really; warm up your winter, heat therapy for you and your clients; retreat to recharge, prevent burnout and leave stress behind; ayurvedic massage alleviates chronic low back pain; complementary medicine reduces epidural use during labor, massage, acupressure.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    five tactics to quickly build quality improvement and patient safety capacity; the causes of errors in clinical reasoning; procedural competence among faculty in academic health centers; toward a cross cultural appeoach to supporting professional identity formation in medicine; flipping the quality improvement classroom in residency ecucation; comparing trainee and staff perceptions of patient safety culture.

  • Missing the PointMissing the Point : Why Acupuncturists Fail and What They Need to Know to Succeed

    Brown, Lorne.

    Small business, business, attracting paients, practice, success.

  • Magill's Medical GuideMagill's Medical Guide : substance abuse - zoonoses

    Salem Health.

    submucous resection, substance abuse, sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS, suffocation, suicide, sunburn, supplements, surgery, pediatric surgery, surgical procedures, surgical technologists, sweating, excessive sweating, swine flu, sympathectomy, symptoms, syndrome, synesthesia, syphilis, systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE, systems and organs, tapeworms, taste, tattoo removal, tattos and body piercing, tay-sachs disease, tears, tear ducts, teeth, teething, telemedicine, temporomandibular joint syndrome, TMJ, tendinitis, tendon disorders, tendon repair, teratogens, terminally ill, testicle removal, testicles, undescended testicles, testicular cancer, testicular surgery, testicular torsion, tests, tetanus, thalassemia, thalidomide, thoracic surgery, thorax, sore throat, throat cancer, thrombocytopenia, thrombolytic therapy, TPA, thrombosis, thrombus, thumb sucking, thymus gland, thyroid disorders, thyroid gland, thyroidectomy, TIA, ticks, tics, tingling, tinnitus, tiredness, tissuedeath, toenail removal, extra toes, fused toes, toilet training, tonsillectomy, adenoid removal, tonsillitis, tonsils, tooth decay, tooth extraction, toothache, torticollis, touch, touch, tourette's syndrome, toxemia, toxic shock syndrome, soxicology, toxoplasmosis, TPA, trachea, tracheostomy, trachoma, transfusion, transient ischemic attacks, TIAs, transplantation, tremors, trichinosis, trichomoniasis, trisomy 21, tropical medicine, tubal ligation, tuberculosis, tularemia, tumor removal tumors, turner syndrome, typhoid fever, typhus, ulcer surgery, ulcerative colitis, ulcers, ultrasonography, umbilical cord, unconsciousness, undescended testicles, upper extremities, uremia, urethritis, urethroplasty, urinalysis, urinary disorders, urinary system, blood in urine, protein in unrine, urology, pediatric urology, uterine cancer, uterus, vaccination, vagotomy, vagus nerve, valley fever, varicose vein removal, varicose veins, vas deferens, vasculer medicine, vascular system, vasculitis, vasectomy, venereal disease, venous insufficiency, vertebrae, vertigo, veterinary medicine, viral hemorrhagic fevers, viral infections, vision, vision disorders, vitamin c deficiency, vitamins and minerals, vitiligo, voice, vocal cord disorders, vomiting, von willebrand's disease, warts, water therapy, water on the brain, weaning, weight oss and gain, weight loss medications, well-baby examinations, west nile virus, wheat intolerance, wheezing, whiplash, WHO, whooping cough, wilson's disease, wisdom teeth, wiskott-aldrich syndrome, women's health, world health organization, worms, wounds, wrinkles, xenotransplantation, yellow fever, yoga, zoonoses, symptoms and warning signs, pharmaceutical list, health care providers, medical journals.

  • Magill's Medical GuideMagill's Medical Guide : parathyroidectomy - subdural hematoma

    Salem Health.

    parathyroidectomy; parkinson's disease; pathology; pediatrics; pelvic inflammatory disease, pid; penile implant surgery; perinatology; periodontal surgery; periodontitis; peristalsis; peritonitis; pet scanning, see positron emission tomography, pet, scanning; pharmacology; pharmacy; pharyngitis; pharynx; phenylketonuria, pku; phlebitis; phlebotomy; phobias; physical examination; physical rehabilitation; physician assistants; physiology; phytochemicals; pick's disease; pid, see pelvic inflammatory disease; pigeon toes; pigmentation; piles, see hemorrhoids; pinkeye, see conjunctivitis; pinworms; pituitary gland; pityriasis alba; pityriasis rosea; pku, see phenylketonuria; placenta; plague; plaque, arterial; plaque, dental, plasma; plastic surgery; pleurisy; pms, see premenstrual syndrome; pneumonia; pneumothorax; podiatry; poisoning; poisonous plants; poliomyelitis; polycystic kidney disease; polycystic ovary syndrome; polydactyly and syndactyly; polyp removal, see colorectal polyp removal; polypharmacy; polyps; porphyria; positron emission tomography, pet, scanning; postpartum depression; post-traumatic stress disorder; prader-willi syndrome; precocious puberty; preeclampsia and eclapmsia; pregnancy and gestation; premature birth; premenstrual syndrome, pms; prescription drug use; preventive medicine; primitive reflexes, see reflexes, primative; prion diseases; proctology; progeria; prognosis; prostate cancer; prostate enlargement; prostate gland; prostate removal; prostheses; protein; proteinuria; proteomics; protozoan diseases; pruritus, pseudohermaphroditism, psotiasis, psychiatric disorders, psychiatry, psyhoanalysis, psychosis, psychosomatic disorders, ptosis, puberty and adolescence, public health, pulmonary disease, pulmonary edema, pulmonary hypertention, pulmonary medicine, pulmonary pediatric, pulse rate, pus, pyelonephritis, pyloric stenosis, quadriplegia, quinsy, rabies, radiation sickness, radiation therpay, radiculopathy, radiology, nuclear radiology, radiopharmaceuticals, rape and sexual assault, rashes, reconstructive surgery, rectal cancer, rectum, reflexes, refractive eye surgery, reiter's syndrome, renal failure, reproductive system, respiration, respiratory distress syndrome, restless legs syndrome, resuscitation, retroviruses, reye's syndrome, Rh factor, rheumatic fever, rheumatiod arthritis, rheumatology, rhinitis, rhinoplasty and submucous resection, rhinoviruses, ribonucleic acid, RNA, rickets, ringworm, rocky mountain spotted fever, root canal treatment, rosacea, roseola, rotator cuff surgery, rotavirus, roundworms, rubella, rubinstein-taybi syndrome, safety issues for children, safety issues for the eldery, salmonella infection, san joaquin valley fever, sarcoidosis, sarcoma, sars, scabies, scalds, scarlet fever, schistosomiasis, schizophrenia, sciatica, SCID, scleroderma, scoliosis, screening, scurvy, seasickness, seasonal affective disorder, seizures, self-medication, semen, sense organs, seperation anxiety, septicemia, serology, severe acute respiratory syndrome, severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome, sex change surgery, sexual assault, sexual differentiation, sexual dysfunction, sexuality, sexually transmitted disease, STD, shigellosis, shingles, shock, shock therapy, short-statured people, shunts, sibling rivalry, sickle cell disease, side effects, SIDS, sigmoidoscopy, signs and symptoms, single photon emission computed tomography, SPECT, sinusitis, sjogren's syndrome, skeletal disorders and diseases, skeleton, skin, skin cancer, skin disroders, skin lesion removal SLE, sleep sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sleeping sickness, sleepwalking, slipped disk, slitlamp microscopy, small intestine, smallpox, smell, smoking, snakebites, sneezing, soiling, sore throat, spasms, speech disorders, sperm banks, sphincterectomy, spina bifida, spinal cord disorders, spinal fusion, spinal tap, spine, vertebrae, splenectomy, splints, spondylitis, sports medicine, sprains, staphylococcal infections, stem cells, stenosis, stenosis, stents, sterilization, steroid abuse, steroids, stevens-johnson syndrome, stillbirth, stings, stomach cancer, stomach removal, stone removal stones, strabismus, strep throat, streptococcal infection, stress, stress reduction, stretch marks strokes, sturge-weber syndrome, stuttering, styes, subdural hematoma.

  • Magill's Medical GuideMagill's Medical Guide : kinesiology - parasitic diseases

    Salem Health.

    kinesiology; klinefelter syndrome; klippel trenaunay syndrome; kluver-bucy syndrome; kneecap removal; knock knees; kwashiorkor; kyphosis; laboratory tests; laceration repair; lactation, see breast feeding; lactose intolerance; laminectomy and spinal fusion; laparascopy; large intestine, see colon; laryngectomy; laryngitis; laser use in surgery; law and medicine; lead poisoning; learning disabilities; legionnaires disease; leishmaniasis; leprosy; leptin; lesions; leukemia; leukodystrophy; lice mites and ticks; ligaments; light therapy; lipids; liposuction; lisping; listeria infections; lithotripsy; liver; liver cancer; liver disorders; liver transplantation; living will; local anesthesia; lock jaw, see tetanus; lou gehrigs disease, see amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; low blood pressure, see hypotension; lower extremities; lumbar puncture; lumpectomy, see masectomy and lumpectomy; lung collapsed, see pneumothorax; lung cancer; lung disease, see pulmonary diseases; lung surgery; lungs' lupus, see systemic lupus erythmatosus, sle; lyme disease; lymph; lumphadenopathy and lymphoma; lymphatic system; lymphoma, see lymphadenopathy and lymphoma; macronutrients; macular degeneration; magnetic field therapy; magnetic resonance imaging, mri; malabsorption; malaria; male circumcision, see circumcision male; male genital disorders, see genital disorders male; male infertility, see infertility male; male reproductive system, see reproductive system; malignancy and metastasis; malnutrition; malpratice; mammography; mananged care; manic depression, see bipolar disorders; maple syrup urine disease, msud; marburg virus; marfan sydrome; marijuana; massage; masectomy and lumpectomy; mastitis; masturbation; maxillofacial surgery, see orgal and maxillofacial surgery; mcat; see medical college admission test, mcat; measles; measles german, see rubella; medical college admission test, mcat; medicare; medications, see pharmacology; meditation; melanoma; melatonin; memory loss; menieres disease; meningitis; menopause; menorrhagia; mens health; menstruation; menstruation painful, see dysmenorrhea; mental illness, see psychiatric disorders; mental retardation; mercury poisoning; mercy killing, see euthanasia; mesothelioma; metabolic syndrome; metabolism; metastasis, see malignancy and metastasis; methicilin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, mrsa infections; microbiology; microscopy; microscopy, slitlamp; midlife crisis; migraine headaches; mildew, see mold and mildew; minerals, see vitamins and minerals; ministrokes, see transient ishemic attacks, tias; miscarriage; mites, see lice, mites, ticks; mitral valve prolapse; mold and mildew; moles; monkeypox; mononucleosis; morgellons disease; motion sickness; moto neuron diseases; motor skill development; mouth and throat cancer; mps, see mucopolysaccharidosis, mps; multiple births; multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome; multiple sclerosis; mumps; muchausen syndrom by proxy; muscle sprains, spasms, and disorders; muscles; muscular dystrophy; mutation; myasthenia gravis; myocardial infarction, see heart attack; myomectomy; myopia; mypyramid, see food guide pyramid; myringotomy; nail removal; nails; narcolepsy; narcotics; nasal polyp removal; nash, see nonalcoholic steatohepatiis, nash; nasopharyngeal disorders; national cancer institute, nci; national institutes of health, nih; native american health, see american indian health; nausea and vomiting; nci, see national cancer institute; nearsightedness, see myopia; neck disorders, see head and neck disorders; necrosis; necrotizing fasciitis; neonatal jaundice, see jaundice, neonatal; neonatology; neoplasms, see tumors; nephrectomy; nephritis; nephrology; nephrology, pediatric; nervous system; neuralgia, neuritis, and neuropathy; neurofibromatosis; neuroimaging; neurology; neurology, pediatric; neuropathy, see neuralgia, neuritis, and neuropathy; neurosis; neurosurgery; nicotine; niemann pick disease; nightmares; nih, see national institutes of health, nih; nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, nash; noninvasive tests; norovisur; nosebleeds; nuclear medicine; nuclear radiology; numbness and tingling; nursing; nutrition; nutritional disorders, see malnutrition; obestity; obesity, childhood; obsessive compulsive disorder; obstetrics; obstruction; occupational health; oncology; opthalmology; opportunistic infections; optometry; optometry, pediatric; oral and maxillofacial surgery; orchiectomy; orchitis; organs, see systems and organs; orthdontic braces, see braces, orthodontic; orthodontics; orthognathic surgery, see jaw wiring; orthopedic braces, see braces, orthopedic; orthopedic surgery; orthopedics; orthopedics, pediatric; osgood schlatter disease; osteoarthritis; osteochonditis juvenilis; osteogenesis imperfecta; osteomyelitis; osteonecrosis; osteopathic medicine; osteoperosis; otc medications, see over the counter medications; otoplastry; otorhinolaryngology; ovarian cancer, see cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers; ovarian cysts; ovaries; over the counter medications; overtraining syndrome; oxygen deprivation, see hypoxia; oxygen therapy; pacemaker implantation; pagets disease; pain; pain managment; palliative medicine; palpitations; palsy; pancreas; pancreatic cancer, see stomach, intestinal, and pacreatic cancers; pancreatitis; pandemics, see epidemics and pandemics; panic attacks; pap test; paralysis; paramedics; paranoia; paraplegia; parasitic diseases.

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