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  • International Journal of Oriental MedicineInternational Journal of Oriental Medicine

    effect of ginseng extract and ginseng saponin on rna and protein biosynthesis; higher plant polysaccharides and their pharmacological activities; management of systemic fungal infections with chinese herbal medicine; a discussion of the chemical constituents of dendrobium plants and of the chinese herbal drug shi hu; essentials of pediatrics, principles of therapy and characteristics of medicinal usage in children; applications of chinese herbal formulas and scientific research, bupleurum and rehmannia combination.

  • International Journal of Oriental MedicineInternational Journal of Oriental Medicine

    cancer chemotherapy with oriental medicine, antitumor activity in crude drugs with human tisue cultures in in vitro screening; contarary views on chinese herbal drugs and side effects; chemistry and pharmacology of bupleurum species; chemistry and pharmacology of asari rhizoma; treatment of 32 cases of infantile diarrhea with wei ling tang, magnolia and hoelen combination; applications of chinese herbal formulas and scientific research, atractylodes and hoelin combination, ling kuei chu kan tang; kampo therapy in pain clinic applications for patients of post herpetic neuralgia.

  • International Journal of Oriental MedicineInternational Journal of Oriental Medicine

    screening of chinese traditional drugs by biological assay, isolation, some active components, bioassay results of herbal extracts; constituents, physiological activities of anemarrhena pharmacological action, hypoglycemic action, adrenocortical hormone, antibacterial action; chronic hepatic hypertension and application of cinnamon and hoelen formula, keishi bukuryo gan, gui zhi fu ling wan, case history, treatment, hematology examination, improvement of abdominal conformation, improvements according to visual inspection, blood stagnant conformation; cancer chemotherapy, oriental medicine, clinical experiments, antitumor crude drugs, design, method, origins of crude drugs, results, clinical cases; application of chinese herbal formulas and scientific research, four major herb combination, six major herb combination; origin and development, objectives and applications, constituents and pharmacology, clinical cases, clinical observation in large hospitals, differential applications, special applications, glossary of herbs and formulas.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    engaging learners to advance medical education; doctors without borders; using national health care databases and problem based practice analysis to inform integrated curriculum development; medical students perspectives on implementing curriculum change; population health science, a core element of health of health science education in sub saharan africa; acquired and participatory competencies in health professions education, definition and assessment in global health; creating 21st century laboratories and classrooms for improving population health; three year md programs, perpesctives from the consortium of accelerated medical pathway programs, campp; prozac diary excerpt, commentary; desogn, implementation and evaluation of a simulation based clinical correlation curriculum as a adjunctive pedagogy in an anatomy course; from communication skills to skillful communication, longitudinal integrated curriculum for critical care medicine fellows; early tech development course, experiential commercialization education for the medical academician; resident as teacher curriculum using a flipped classroom approach; training internal medicine residents in social medicine and research based health advocacy.

  • MassageMassage : exploring today's touch therapies

    massage viewed favorably by hospitlized patients, cam therapies: most u.s. physicians get gifts; 5 simple marketing ideas, use local offline marketing to grow your business; what does research say about massage and pain, science of touch, manual therapy, pain science; best practices; tips for billing insurance; how to raise your rates; geriatric massage; taping the geriatric client, benefits, contraindications of kinesiology tape; show the value of your massage, do you connect with or alienate clients; massage for military veterns; self care of the neck, low back.

  • Intuitive biostatisticsIntuitive biostatistics

    Motulsky, Harvey.

    A focus on how to interpret statistical results rather than on how to analyze data, minimal use of equations, and a detailed review of assumptions and common mistakes.With its engaging and conversational tone, this unique book provides a clear introduction to statistics for undergraduate and graduate students in a wide range of fields and also serves as a statistics refresher for working scientists. It is especially useful for those students in health-science related fields who have no background in biostatistics.

  • Family health care nursingFamily health care nursing : theory, practice and research

    Kaakinen, Joanna Rowe (editor)

    Significantly updated and thoroughly revised, the 4th Edition approaches family nursing the way it is practiced todayŚwith an evidence-based, clinical focus built on a firm foundation of theory and research. From health promotion to end of life, a new organizational structure parallels the trajectory of illness, incorporating caring for the family along this continuum of care in a variety of specialties.

  • The Mystery of NumbersThe Mystery of Numbers

    Ouaknin, Marc-Alain.

  • Healthy HealingHealthy Healing : a guide to self-healing for everyone

    Page, Linda.

    Your healthcare options today; holistic recovery from surgery or illness; herbal healing; foods for your healing diet; a guide to detoxification and body cleansing; lifestyle healing programs for people with special needs; ailments and health conditions; alternative healthcare arsenal.

  • What Language Does Your Patient Hurt In?What Language Does Your Patient Hurt In? : A Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Patient Care

    Salimbene, Suzanne.

    Paradigm's textbook focusing on cultural diversity gives students an insightful look at the different communication styles of prevelant immigrant groups, with tips on how each culture relays and receives information. Predominant cultural attitudes toward illness, death, and dying. Helpful hints on how to avoid cultural taboos in healthcare delivery.

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