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  • MeridiansMeridians : the Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

    acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, acute supraorbital neuralgia, case report; appropriate research methods, chinese medicine, call for standardized case reports; acupuncture, first line, treatment, pain, evidence based option, decrease opioid dependence; chinese medicine, psychoanalysis, metal element, anal character type; how, treat alopecia, clinic; icimh 2016 international congress on integrative medicine and health.

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    huang di nei jing ling shu, ancient clasic, needle therapy; acupuncture, phantom limb pain, case study; a thousand changes, ten thousand transformations, individualising illness, northern song, 960-1127; treatment, medically refractory chronic daily vomiting, acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, case report; acupuncture, severe traumatic injury, third cranial nerve, case study; introduction to hunyuan medicine, clinical application, yin, yang of herbs.

  • Three Needle TechniqueThree Needle Technique

    Yin, Ganglin.

    clinical handbook; san zhen therapy; three needle therapy.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    implications, medicare physician payment reform, academic medicine; priority, intersectionality,academic medicine; workforce balance, financial risk, academic health centers; why july matters; race conscious professionalism, african american representation, academic medicine; examing, rethinking race portrayal, preclinical medical education; clinician educators, dual professional, contemporary reappraisal; reconciling patient autonomy, quality improvement through shared decision making; giving context, physician competency reference set, adapting, needs, diverse populations; early results, teaching hospitals participation, center, medicare, medicaid innovation bundled payments, care improvement initiative; connecting epa based evaluations, acgme milestone reports, internal medicine residency programs; big bang; commentary on big bang; longitudinal medical school curriculum, disabilities; increasing resident diversity, emergency medicine residency program, pilot intervention, threee principal strategies; establishing, ambulatory medicne quality, safety oversight structure, leveraging, fractal model; chronic disease management student faculty collaborative practice, educating students, innovation, health care delivery; pregnancy, parental leave, graduate medical education; u.s. medical schools compliance, americans with disablities act, findings, national study; perceived barriers, pursuing, career, medicine, dentistry, underrepresented in medicine udergraduate students.

  • Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese MedicineDiagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Long, Zhixian; Yang weiyi.

  • PharmacologyPharmacology : an introduction

    Hitner, Henry.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    polysaccharide peptide mediates apoptosis, up regulating p21 gene, down regulating cyclin d2 gene; effect polysaccharide krestin, up regulation, macrophage colony stimulating factor gene expression, protecting mouse pweritoneal macrophages, oxidative injury; scavenging, reactive oxygen species, inhibition, oxidation, low density lipoprotein, aqueous extraction, anoectochilus formosanus; antileukemic activity, selected natural products, taiwan; antiolytic effect, ting chih wan, mouse behavior models, anxiety; evaluation, antinociceptive, anti inflammatory, antipyretic effects, strobilanthes cusia leaf extract, male mice, rats; long term administration, polygonum multiflorum thunb reduces cerebral ischemia induced infarct volume, gerbils; choto san prevents occurence, stroke, prolongs life span, srtoke prone spontaneously hypertensive rats; effects, herbal extract, bone density, strength, markers, bone turnover, amture ovariectomized rats; effects, goshajinkigan, corneal sensitivity, superficial punctate keratopathy, tear secretion, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus; hepatoprotective activity, reduohanxiao tang, yuldahanso tang, related, inhibition, beta glucuronidase; tradtional chinese medicine prevents inflammation, ccl4 related liver injury, mice.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    interactions between modern, chinese medicinal drugs, general review; polygonum multiflorum extracts improve cognitive performance, senescence accelerated mice; safety, efficacy assessment, chungpyesagan tang, acute ischemic stroke; effect, salvia miltiorrhiza bunge, cerebral infarct in ischemia reperfusion injured rats; effects, traditional chinese formulations, rat carotid artery injured, balloon endothelial denudation; effects, hwangryunjihwang tang, in vitro fertilization, ovulation, mice fed, high fat diet;; in vitro cytotoxic antiviral, immunomodulatory effects, plantago major, plantago asiatico; anti metastatic effects, fuzhengfangaitang, human fibrosarcoma cells ht1080; effect, liu wei di huang wan, cytokine gene expression, human peripheral blood lymhocytes; effect, feeding acacia abyssinica, extracts given by different routes, rats; clinical evaluation, effect, daio, rhei rhizoma, progression, diabetic nephropathy, overt proteinuria; high eosinophil cationic protein level, asthmatic , heat zheng.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    energy medicine; aqueous extract, ma huang suppresses neuropeptide y expression, food deprived rat hypothalamus; astragalus mongholicus, polygonum multiflorum protective function against cyclophosphamide inhibitory effect, thymus; antioxidant activity, porcelainberry, ampelopsis brevipedunculata; in vitro anti leukemic, antiviral activities, traditionaly used medicinal plants, taiwan; ts, aqueous extracts, betel qiud, constituents, testosterone production, dispersed mouse interstitial cells; chemoprevention against hepatocellular carcinoma, cornus officinalis in vitro; inducible activity, ginger rhizome, zingiber offifinale rosc., mrna expression, macrophage inducible nitric oxide, no, synthase, noo production, macrophage cell line raw264 7 cells; gu sui bu, drynaria fortunei, bone cell activity; clinical efficacy, eh0202, kampo formula, health, middle aged women; intradermal acupuncture, shen men, nei kuan acupoints, insomnia after stroke.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    rosa rugosa attenuates diabetic oxidative stress, rats, streptozotocin induced diabetes; ginseng radix decreases nitric oxide synthase expression, hippocampus sreptozotocin induced diabetic rats; hepatoprotection, terminalia catappa l. extract, d galactosamine induced liver damage; alpha viniferin, adjuvant induced arthritis, rats; analgesic, antipyretic activity, toxicity study, bryonia laciniosa, mice, rats; traditional chinese medicines, serum lipid profiles, homocysteine, ovariectomized rats; radioprotective action, geriforte, mice exposed, different doses, y radiation; in vitro stimulation, granulosa cells, combination, different active ingredients, unkei to; regression, hepatocellular carcinoma spontaneous or herbal medicine related; lindera strychinfolia, protective against post ischemic myocardial dysfunction through scavenging hydroxyl radicals, opening, mitochondrial katp channels, isolated rat hearts.

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