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  • Alternative and Complementary TherapiesAlternative and Complementary Therapies

    codex commission adopts vitamin and mineral guidelines; alternatives to cox 2 inhibitors for treating arthritis, acupuncture and other traditional chinese modalities, tcm treatments, recent research support; using bitter melon to treat diabetes, momordica charantia, pharmacological studies, preclinical studies, common names for momordica, some traditional uses; natural approaches to relieving endometriosis, etiology, symptoms, pathology, diagnosis, conventional treatment, pharmacology, nutrient and herbal interventions, dietary interventions; counseling patients on acm-alternative and complementary medicine-medications, synthesizing communication and rhetorical theoryrational for improving communications in medical setting, practical applications of the four objectives; the tibetan wisdom of isaac eliaz md ms lac; poly mva for treating prostate cancer, conventional treatments, minerals vitamins and amino acids, three case studies; mindbody new york, the light of conscious medicine; guarana consumption, a review of health benefits and risks, phytochemistry, potential health risks.

  • Alternative and Complementary TherapiesAlternative and Complementary Therapies

    nutraceuticide and codex alimentarius, the death of nutritional medicine, what codex encompasses, facing the future; unacceptable iatrogenic injury, iatrogenic mortality and morbidity; treating arthritis pain, beyond nsaids, weight loss and exercise, diet and supplements, selected therapies for chronic pain, herbal remedies, minerals, spice phytochemicals, homeopathy, cognitive-behavioral, electromagnetic, heat, biomechanical, medical cannabis; the diverse benefits of glutathione, key antioxidant for reversing chronic illness, chemistry, oxygen depletion, liver disease, immune function, pulmonary dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, parkinson's, alzheimer's, schizophrenia, age and health status, delivering therapeutic glutathione; natural approaches to treating chronic prostatis and chronic pelvic pain syndromes, infection connection, leaky prostate syndrome, inflammatory spiral, dr eric yarnell's prostinflanix formula, autoimmunity, neurologic issues, cpps; the uncommon partnership of a healer and a mystic; natural supports for gaining and maintaining muscle mass, body composition and its effects on muscles, nutritional and botanical supplements for muscle building; melothria maderaspatana leaf extract for treating hypertension, chemistry and effects on biomarkers, methods and materials, results; women's health update.

  • Handbook of formulas in Chinese medicineHandbook of formulas in Chinese medicine

    Scheid, Volker.

    Handbook of Formulas in Chinese Medicine is a concise, visual reference to over 180 of the most important herbal formulas in Chinese medicine. The book is designed to provide a snapshot of the formulas and help the reader take in key information at a glance. Each formula is presented as a two-page spread. On the left is a drawing of a person showing an aspect that is typical of the type of patient for whom the formula might be prescribed. The drawing is labelled with key symptoms. Under the drawing is a list of ingredients followed by basic information: actions, main pattern, key and secondary symptoms, tongue, pulse and abdomen. This can be absorbed in just a few moments. Additional detail is set forth in clinical notes, and other formulas with similar indications are discussed for purposes of comparison. On the right page is a full display of the composition of the formula. Each of the ingredients is color coded to show its taste and temperature, and the overall nature of the formula warming, cooling, neutral etc. can be seen at a glance. The role that each ingredient plays in the formula (chief, deputy, assistant, envoy) as well as its actions are also shown. An introduction discusses how different types of processing affect the functions of particular herbs, and there is a helpful introduction to the Japanese approach to abdominal diagnosis and its value in prescribing herbs. A formula index (by pinyin and English common name) and an index of patterns and key symptoms are included.

  • Live well live longLive well live long : teachings from the Chinese nourishment of life tradition

    Deadman, Peter.

    Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition explores the wonderful Chinese tradition of nourishing life (yangsheng) and applies it to modern life. Continuously developed over more than 25 centuries, yangsheng serves as a workshop manual for the care of the human body, mind, and spirit. Its teachings can help us improve our health and lengthen our lives through cultivating the mind, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, sexual behavior and much more. In addition to the traditional topics covered in yangsheng teachings, concern for social, global, and planetary health in the modern age demands the application of the wise principles of the yangsheng tradition to issues as varied as social justice, education, modern childbirth, climate change and environmental degradation, and agricultural sustainability. All of these topics are covered in this meticulously researched book.

  • Alternative and Complementary TherapiesAlternative and Complementary Therapies

    natural approaches to mitigating hypertension, diet and lifestyle changes, coenzyme q10, hawthorn, olive leaf extract, garlic, coleus, l arginie; botanical treatments for hemorrhoids, internal, staging of internal hemorrhoids, topical broader view of treatment, dr. rudolf fritz weiss' hemorrhoid tea; cultural competency training in u.s. medical education, treating patients from different cultures, trends and definitions, caes examples, conceptual models, cultural competency in medical education, patient empowerment education; palestinian plant medicines nfor treating renal disorders, an inventory and brief history, modern uses of phytomedicines, kidney healing by ethnobotany in palestine, major periods of muslim medical history; integrative ob/gyn from preconception to birth, an interview with joel evans md; weight loss body measurements and compliance, a 12 week total lifestyle intervention pilot study, diet-what the research shows, materials and methods, initial enrollment and completion by gender, initial and final measurements for subjects who completed the study; relaxation during weight loss, relieving stress with an herbal combination, a botanical approach to relaxing and losing weight, safety and contraindications, a departure from other weight loss aids; mindfulness meditation, learning from dogis and mystical dogs, research on pets and their health effects, bringing doga to patients, dogis as teachers, relieving pet separation anxiety, james jacobson's 5 tips for starting a non dogmatic meditation practicefor the defense of alternative and complementary medicine acm, an interview with rick jaffe, the burzynski litigation.

  • Alternative and Complementary TherapiesAlternative and Complementary Therapies

    coffee, functional food and medicinal herb, chemistry, analysis, antimicrobial effects, antioxidant power, asthma and bronchitis, cardiovascular, cognition and mood, diabetes, parkinson's disease and other neurologic conditions, sexual activity, biogenic amines, caffeine; probiotics-enhancing health with beneficial bacteria, background, intestinal dybiosis, irritable bowel syndrome ibs, inflammatory bowel disease, pouchitis, diarrhea, constipation, helicobacter pylori infection, food allergies, eczema, immune modulation, high cholesterol, urogenital infections, dosing; herbs for curbing inflammation, ginger, tumeric, chaparral, other inflammation modulaing botanicals, chamomile; the unity of humans and nature, an interview with ross rentea, anthroposophy and rudolf steiner, some herbs used in anthrosophical medicine; gender based medicine, another way to individualize health care, gender differences epidemiology and treatment, new perspectives on men's health; women's health update, acupuncture ang overactive bladder, estrogen and breast cancerexercise and estrogen for incontinence; diagnosing lyme diseas, case study of complications in standards of care, difficulties in diagnosing, developing new methods, medical board complaints, psychology underlying professional disagreements.

  • Alternative and Complementary TherapiesAlternative and Complementary Therapies

    nitric oxice, no, a powerful clinical therapy, physiology of no, when there is not enough no, no friendly nutrients and herbs, herbs that reduce no levels, making no positive changes in diet and lifestyle; lifting moods by losing sleep, an adjunct therapy for treating depression, benefits of sleep deprivation, deprivation differences, the sleep deprived brain, combining sleep deprivation with other approaches, sleep and mania, is the cure worse than the disease; taking the whoop out of whooping cough, virus spread and clinical presentation. the problem with antibiotics, botanical remedies for treating pertussis, the benefits of botanicals, restorative rubs, the ecletics battle pertussis, dr rudolf fritz weiss' chest rub; poly mva for testing non small cell lung cancer, a case study of an integrative approach, background-poor pharmaceutical progress, poly mva multifaceted supplement, mechanism of action; the sound of healing, interviews with jonathon goldman, suzanne jonas, therapeutic sound; realizing the benefits of hypnosis, clinical research and medical applications, defining hypnosis, a mesmer-izing history, structure of a typical clinical session, indications and contraindications for hypnotherapy, the power of suggestion, clinical studies sponsored by the nccam-national center for complementary and alternative medicine, modeling how hypnosis works, regulating hypnotherapists, the center for mechanisms underlying millimeter wave therapy, the center for arthritis and traditional chinese medicine, center for chinese herbal therapy; medical freedom legislation.

  • Alternative and Complementary TherapiesAlternative and Complementary Therapies

    botanical medicine for thyroid regulation, bugleweed a thyrosuppressive, other minty thyrosuppressives, dr silena heron's thyronix formula, gromwell, dual nature of bladderwrack, other herbs for treating hypothyroidism; sleep apnea snoring and sleep disordered breathing, prevalence, risk factors and etiology, pathophysiology of sleep apnea, diagnosing sleep apnea, health effects, children, conventional treatment, alternative treatments and lifestyle changes, conclusions; the power of the pomegranate, bibical fruit with medicinal properties, history and cultivation, nutritional and chemical makeup, health uses; educating clients for better outcomes, an interview with Barry Taylor nd, six point model for client evaluation; black cohosh update, does it work, is it hepatotoxic, latest evidence, cimicifuga racemosa, black cohosh and the liver, recommended dosing and use; legal matters, ins and outs, pros and cons of nonlicensed practice, report and commentary on the health freedom movement, nuts and bolts of health freedom legislation, the original health freedom act in minnesota, additional health freedom statutes and states, the controversial side of health freedom.

  • Secrets of the Hidden VesselsSecrets of the Hidden Vessels

    Kovich, Fletcher.

    Explains how Chinese meridians and acupuncture works in terms Western readers can understand.

  • Chinese medicine organ functionsChinese medicine organ functions

    Kovich, Fletcher.

    explains the organ functions and terminology in terms Western readers can understand.

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