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  • World Journal of Acupuncture-MoxibustionWorld Journal of Acupuncture-Moxibustion

    clinical efficacy, catgut embedment combined, moxibustion, bloodletting, androgenic alopecia; efficacy, acupuncture, combination, medicine, mild cognitive impairment after cerebral infarction, randomized controlled trial; effect, meridian sinew row needling combined, dermal needling, spasticity, post stroke, upper limb hemiparalysis, multi center randomized controlled trial; therapeutic efficacy, swallowing neuromuscular electrical stimulation combined, acupunctuture, post stroke dysphagia; discussion, analogical acupoints; modern, ancient knowledge, deqi, analysis, reasearches, recent 10 years; introduction, professor HE Pu-ren's three edged needle therapy techniques; professor Jia Chun-sheng's case report, academic thought, invigorating spleen, nourish original qi; acupuncture, jing jiaji, auditory brainstem response threshold, guinea pigs, sensorineural hearing loss; electroacupuncture assisted, squatting stance, lumbar disc herniation, 128 cases; needle embedding, 50 cases, post herpetic neuralgia; neiguan, pc 6, combination, respiratory reinforcing, reducing method, 38 cases, cardiac neurosis;postoperative pain, mixed hemorrhoid, embedding needles, erbai, ex ue 2; case study,a cupuncture combined, oriental medicine, lower gastro intestinal bleeding; exceptional data, effect meridian massage, bm, bmi,wc,hc, simple obesity, randomized controlled trial; acupunctute therapy, recommended, american academy, otolaryngology.

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    overview, therapeutic applicatiion, moxibustion; liver, gallbladder based erectile dysfunction, chinese medicine(part2); exploring forgotten gateway, chinese medicine (part2); eight treatment methods, complicated patterns, qi, blood; case report, cutaneous pruritis, chinese medicine; sinusitis, sinusolve; questions concerning chinese herbal medicine formulas, strategies; yin tui na, stomach channel acupuncture points, facial immobility, parkinson's disease; tcm, breast cancer (part2).

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    liver, gall bladder based erectile dysfunction, chinese medicine (part 1); poppy to fugu, historical perspective, treatment, opoid addiction, china; how to learn chinese herbs (part2); combined use, mingmen, guanyuan; acute sore throat, bloodletting; understanding rheum; science of symbols, exploring, forgotten gateway, chinese medicine (part1);tcm, breast cancer (part1).

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    acupuncture therapy, diseases failing to respond, western medicine, six case reports; flood control, origens, acupuncture, ancient china; third model, point classification; in memorium, dr, john shen; dicussion, menstrual cycle, cycle regulating treatment; application, tonifying yang, diabetes; clinicalm application, sliding cupping; winter teas; treatment of leukemia(part 2).

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    chinese medicine, autism; pompholyx eczema, chinese herbal medicine; ancient concepts, modern disease, historical development, current treatment, leukemia(part 1); case history, female sexual dysfunction, fire needle technique; preventing relapse, multiple sclerosis, chinese medicine; case report, combined treatment, manual acupuncture, electro acupuncture, low level laser therapy, management, herpes zoster complicated, right side facial palsy; pulse diagnosis, cun position, lung; famous cuntemporary chinese physicians, professor li zhong yu.

  • MeridiansMeridians : Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

    development, implementation, multi step comprehensive exams, college of acupuncture, oriental medicine; treatment, macular degeneration, acupuncture, case study; advances, acupuncture technology, review, two randomized clinical studies, treatment, depression; commentary, reflections on systems based practice, lesley hamilton; project to enhance research literacy, spotlight on ocom; how treat postpartum depression.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    transforming the academic medical center in the era of population health and accountable care; building a culture of health in the united states; latino physicians in the united states, a thirty year overview; how do medical schools identify and remediate professionalism lapses in medical students; validation of a socioeconomic indicator for use in medical school admissions; one health, paradigm for interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    clinical considerations, treating elderly; bi syndrome, knee, acupuncture, patelloferoral pain syndrome; herpes zoster, moxibustion; regulating qi, resolving phlegm, complications, diabetes; hot flushes, breast cancer, acupuncture, dietary modification; acupuncture history, wang ji, the ahen jiu wen dui; famous contemporary chinese physicians, professor li ding; cervical spondylosis, 100 patients, sliding cupping; questions concerning chinese herbal medicine, materia medica;.

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    bleeding the ear apex, eye diseases; gaohuangshu bl 43, re evaluation; bitter realities, applying wenbing principles, acute respiratory tract infections; chronic pharyngitis, electro acupuncture; chinese medical treatment, constipation; three difficult cases, deep needling, fengfu du 16; yin, yang revisited; terminology and translation.

  • the Journal of Chinese Medicinethe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    monitoring, liver enzymes, chinese medicine; chronic laryngitis, 82 cases, electro acupuncture; fibroids, infertility, two case histories; wen dan tang, diabetic retinal disease; windstroke, approaches to acupuncture treatment; 86 cases, epigastric, abdominal pain, scalp acupuncture; role, qi mechanism, knotty diseases; xie xia yao; semen abnormalities, chinese medicine.

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