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  • JAMS Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian StudiesJAMS Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies

    herbal acupuncture, obesity; electroacupuncture improves insulin resistance reducing neuroprotein y/agouti related protein levels, inhibiting expression, protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b, diet induced obese rats; effects, electroacupuncture, pro/anti inflammatory adipokines, serum, adipose tissue, lean, diet induced obese rats; effect, electro acupuncture, inflammation, obese zucker fatty rat model, metabolic syndrome; effect, two ginger varieties, arginase activity, hypercholesterolemic rats; treatment, adult, psoriasis, traditional korean medicine, sa am acupuncture, herbal medicine; pulse waveform analysis, chinese pulse images, association, disability, hypertension; international scientific acupuncture, meridian symposium 2015.

  • Journal of PharmacopunctureJournal of Pharmacopuncture

    anti malarial drug design, targeting apicoplats; historical medical value, donguibogam, korea medicine; im 133n, herbal combination, eradicating disease triggering pathogens, mice via immunotherapeutic mechanisms; place, complementary medicine, autistic children; nanopharmaceutical approach, enhanced anti cancer activity, betulinic acid, lung cancer, activation, parp interaction, dna, target anti cancer potential; antifungal activity, bee venom, sweet bee venom, clinically isolated candida albicans; ethonal extract, oldenlandia difusa, effective chemotherapeutic, colorectal cancer; ethanol extract, ganoderma lucidum augments cellaular anti oxidant defense, activation, nrf2/ho1; ethonal extracts, achillea millefolium, hypericum perforatum, low anti toxoplasma activity.

  • Oriental Healing Arts International BulletinOriental Healing Arts International Bulletin

    effect, ginseng and longan combination, kuei pi tang, recalcitrant anemias, emphasison aplastic anemia; effects, saponins, promoting, solubility, absorption, drugs; treatment, menstrual disorders, ethical kampodrugs, japan's health insurance system; bupleurum treats liver disharmonies by regulating cellular calcium metabolism; diagnosis, treatment, coronary arteriosclerotic heart disease, tcm; application, chinese herbal formulas, scientific research; application, chinese herbal medicine, siler, forsythia formula, chu feng chieh tu san.

  • Oriental Healing Arts International BulletinOriental Healing Arts International Bulletin

    cardiovascular, ocular pharmacology, chinese herbs; chinese herbal medicine, cancer prevention, chemotherapy, survey, fu zhen contraceptives, chinese herbal medicine; recent developments, research, tongue diagnosis, clinical application; study, scientific chinese herbal preparation; importance, sequential treatment planning, assesment of the sympton picture; management, common respiratory diseases, traditional chinese drugstcm role, treatment, activating blood, dissolving stasis, chronic locomotor pain, obstruction causes pain, pain caused by chi stasis, tongue, pulse, blood, chi regulating herbs, drugs remove blood, and chi stagnancy; computer aided diagnosis, tcm.

  • Oriental Healing Arts International BulletinOriental Healing Arts International Bulletin

    constituents, physiological actions, huang chi, astragalus, hedysarum; effect, cinnamon, hoelen formula, kuei chih fu ling wan, steroid induced blood pathologies; use, chin chui, tortoise shell combination, chin chiu pieh chia tang; flavanol rutinoside from tecoma ipe flava, isoflavonol glucoside, tecoma ipe rosa; treatment, chest pain, ehtical kampo drugs, japanese national health insurance system; application, chinese herbal medicine, lotus, citrus combination, chi pi tang; chinese herbal formulas, scientific research, bupleurum hoelen combination, chai ling tang; bupleurum, cinnamon combination plus pueraria, muscular stess reaction.

  • Oriental Healing Arts International BulletinOriental Healing Arts International Bulletin

    introduction, oriental medicine, theory kanpo therapy; bioactivity, constituents, artemisia capillaris, yin chen hao tang, bile secretion; inula, hematite combination, hsuan fu hua tai che shih tang, gastric cancer, formulas, prescriptions, effects; yin yang, root, branch, pacing, cinnamon, hoelen formula; present state, traditional sino japanese kanpo currently practiced, japan; zinc, copper, iron content, clinical significance, forty types, traditional chinese menses regulating drugs; headache, ethical kanpo drugs, japanese national health insurance sustem, etiology, indications, problems, chinese herbal formulas, glossary herbs, formulas; application, chinese herbal medicine, bupleurum, dragon bone combination; bupleurum, cinnamon combination.

  • Southwest Symposium 2016Southwest Symposium 2016

    neck, shoulder pain, tuina, acupuncture, yongxin fan; the ten tastes, energetics, herbs, david winston; ming body energetics, qigong, tai chi, clinical setting, roger janke, comprehensive review, health benefits, qigong, tai chi, national expwert meeting, consensus report; three talent acupuncture, ancient clasical chinese herbs, rehabilitation, pediatric stroke, nelson song luo; homeopathy, parkinson's disease, neurodegenerative diseases, robin murphy, epilepsy, convulsions; contraindications, chinese herbal medicine, herbal safety; ayurvedic herbs, chinese medicine practitioners, kp khalsa; introduction, dermatology, chinese medicine, mazin al khafaji; womens health, wellness, maya way, rosita arvigo.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    academic medicine's critical role, third curve, health care; shortage, clinical training sites, era, global collaboration; is competency based medical education, right approach; future, primary care education, practice; professional development is personal; integrating social sciences, preclinical curriculum; impact driven short term experience, global health, steghs, ethical principles, optimize community benefit, learner experience; offshore medical schools, buying clinical clerkships, u.s. hospitals, problem, potenial solutions; advancing competency based medical education, charter, clinician educators; integrating neuroscience knowledge, neuropyschiatric skills, psychiatry; contextual errors, medical decision making; is there consensus, consensus methodology, descriptions, recommendations, future consensus research; ambulatory diagnostic, treatment center, unique model, education medical trainees, providing expedited care; reporting achievement, medical student milestones, residency program directors; implementing competency based medical education, postgraduate family medicine residency training, stepwise approach, facilitating fractors, process; research, medical education outcomes, romeo regisrty, addressing ethical, practical challenges using, bigger, longitudinal educational data; innovative blended preclinical curriculum, clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, impact, student satisfaction, performance; pediatrics milestones assessment pilot, development, workplace based assessment, content, instruments, processes.

  • AromaticaAromatica : a clinical guide to essential oil therapeutics

    Holmes, Peter, 1949 December 16- , author.

    The first of two volumes, this is a comprehensive clinical text on the principles behind the clinical use of essential oils. It builds an important foundation for essential oil therapy and includes profiles of the most important 30 essential oils used in practice. This detailed and practical database of clinical experience of essential oil therapeutics takes a truly holistic approach, focussing on the psychological, the physiological and the energetic or Chinese medical aspects. Skilfully blending the evidence of scientific research with that of clinical practice, the book builds a comprehensive therapeutic profile for each oil it presents to the reader. Based on the different administration methods used and the absorption pathways activated, it clearly differentiates the psychological, physiological and topical uses of these essential oils. An extensive Materia Medica section is included. Reliable clinical reference material is offered for all complementary therapists, including aromatherapists, medical herbalists, Chinese Medicine practitioners, energy medicine therapists and massage therapists.

  • the American Acupuncturistthe American Acupuncturist : AAAOM's Official Publication

    12th aaaom annual convention; medicare update; current issues, legislation; will aarp lobbyacceptance, acupuncture, medicare; aaaom proposes structural changes; resolution suggestions, bylaw changes; aaaom position, trigger point therapy, dry needling; ncca news.

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