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  • Right Use of PowerRight Use of Power : The Heart of Ethics

    Barstow, Cedar.

    right use of power, power, ethics, power differential, confidentiality, relationship, shame, sexuality, transference, boundaries, self-care, leadership.

  • Energy MedicineEnergy Medicine : Balancing your body's energies for optimal health, joy, and vitality

    Eden, Donna.

    energy medicine, feinstein, energy testing, meridians, chakras, aura, alectrics, celtic weave, immune system, pain, electromagnetic currents.

  • Roman MedicineRoman Medicine

    Cruse, Audrey.

    Roman medicine, Greek science, Classical medicine, Roman Empire, Roman history, materia medica.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    improving mental health, students, residents, physicians; connection key, resilience, medical education; peer support, clinicians, programmatic approach; patient centered, postgraduate trainee health, welness, applied review, health care delivery model; changing physician behavior, implementation intentions, closing gap between intentions, actions; role, virtual patients, future, medical education; establishing, integrative medicine program within, academic health center; design thinking, tool, interdisciplinary education, health care; redesigned morbidity, mortality conference, incorporates, clinical, educational missions, improving quality, patient safety; analysis, experiences, interns participating, prospective cohort study, depression; burnout, alcohol abuse/dependance, medical students; medical school perceptions, learning environment, learning communities, associated, more positive learning, multi institutional medical school study; recognizing patients emotions, teaching health care provides, interpret facial expressions; distinguishing three unprofessional behavior profiles, latent class analysis; reduced duty hours model, senior internal medicine residents, qualitative analysis; model, catalyzing educational, clinical transformation, primary care, partnership among family, internal, pediatrics; feedback to supervisors, anomymity really so improtant.

  • HerbalgramHerbalgram : Journal of the American Botanical Council

    understanding, ginseng adulteration, tangled web, names,history, trade, perception; kew's state of the world's plants, review; sales, herbal dietary supplements, usa, increased, 2015; herb profile, dog rose hip, rosa canina rosaceae; french supplement manufacturer pharmatoka adpots cranberry, adopt an herb program; new bulletins explore adultreation, black cohosh, goldenseal; national animal supplement council endorses botanical adulterants program; rise, fall, maca, china; topical use, camomile oil, reduces frequency, enuresis, children; european elderberry reduces duration, symptoms, common cold, air travelers; cocao flavonal beverage improves facial wrinkles, skin elasticity, women, photo aged skin.

  • Study Guide for Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th edStudy Guide for Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th ed

    Gould, Barbara E.

    Master key pathophysiology concepts and apply them to the practice setting! Corresponding to the chapters in Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition, by Barbara E. Gould, MEd, and Ruthanna M. Dyer, PhD, this study guide offers a wide range of engaging activities to reinforce your understanding and practice your skills.

  • Western Physical Exam Skills for Practitioners of Asian MedicineWestern Physical Exam Skills for Practitioners of Asian Medicine

    Robinson, Bruce H.

    Medical history taking, physical assessment, physical examination, asian medicine.

  • Laboratory tests and diagnostic proceduresLaboratory tests and diagnostic procedures

    Chernecky, Cynthia C.

    Find complete answers to questions such as which laboratory tests to order or what the results might mean. Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures, 6th Edition covers more tests than any other reference of its kind, with over 900 lab tests and diagnostic procedures in all. In Part I, you'll find an alphabetical list of hundreds of diseases, conditions, and symptoms, including the tests and procedures most commonly used to confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis. In Part II, you’ll find descriptions of virtually every laboratory and diagnostic test available. This edition is updated with the latest research and over 20 NEW test entries. Written by educator Cynthia Chernecky and clinical nurse specialist Barbara Berger, this lab reference covers today’s lab tests with concise, easy-to-use information.

  • International Journal of Oriental MedicineInternational Journal of Oriental Medicine

    natural products, cancer prevention; effects, trichosanthin with or without dexamethasone, various side effects, fifferent routes, administrationpinella, gastrodia combination; traditional chinese herbal, acupuncture, female infertility; sexual dysfunction, later life, herbal medicine; compound q, aids, injecto trichosanthin; large intestine role, immunity, integrated chinese, western approach; allergic rhinitis; immunomodulating effcets, cordyceps sinensis; neurophysiological basis acupuncture; finger needle therapy, tcm; tonifying, sedative effects, acupuncture; acupuncture, cutaneous microcirculation.

  • International Journal of Oriental MedicineInternational Journal of Oriental Medicine

    inhibitory effects, phenolic constituents, rhubarb, cell cultures producing hepatitis b virus; treatment, prevention, ocular inflammation, chinese herbs; traditional chinese herbal, acupuncture, female infertitity; chinese herbal therapy, platelet deficiency; compatibility, pueraria combination, ma huang combination, pregnant; prescription, allergic rhinitis, asthma; conformation, minor blue dragon combination; conformation, ma huang, magnolia combination; gypsum, apricot, citrus combination; minor bupleurum, pinellia; chionese herbal therapy, gallstones; bupleurum, cinnamon ; galanga, citrus fruit; applications, acupuncture, moxibustion; treatment, gallstones, china; leukemia; chronic hepatitis, pree cirrhotic condition; male infertility, lack, spermatozoa; rehmannia eight formula; cinnamon, dragon bone; bupleurum, dragon bone; bupleurum, peony; six major herb combination, ginseng, ginger; clinical responses, chinese herbal formulas, hiv positive; applications, chinese herbal formulas, scientific research, ginseng, astragalus combination.

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