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  • The Benevolent Art of AcupunctureThe Benevolent Art of Acupuncture

    Neill, Brian.

    To facilitate the healing of your body, mind, and soul is the intent of Hari. It is for this reason that Hari is considered a “benevolent art”. The art of Hari has been passed down hand through hand, and from person to person for over 5,000 years. The true essence of this benevolent art comes from the awakening of a special phenomenon within the patient, known as your “return to nature”. What does this mean? It means that this art of acupuncture can awaken the flame of hope within your body, mind, and soul. This art can be experienced as a return to resonance with the rhythm of the universe. When you are attuned in this way, the patient experiences an authentic return to the innate nature and natural state of consciousness. From here you can heal naturally. That is benevolent indeed.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    acupuncture stimulation, peripheral nerve regeneration using silicone rubber chambers; bloodletting acupuncture, engorged vein around bl 40, wei chung, acute lumbar sprain; modulation, germination, growth plnats, meditation; heart rate responses, oxygen consumption during tai chi chuan; studies, psychosomatic functioning, ill health according, eastern, western medicine, psychoimmuno endocrinologial changes induced, kampo medication, relaxation training; effects, buyang huanwu decoction, peripheral nerve regeneration, silicon rubber chambers; effects, hokoei to, pugongying tang,kampo formula, monoamine content, brain regions, mitogenic acvtivity, splenic lymphocytes, ovaiectomized mice; uwhangchungsimwon, cell viability, proliferation, gene expression, human neuronal cell line imr32; inhibitory effect, anti pyretic, anti inflammatory herbs, herpes simplex virus replication; pine bark extract administered, immunosupressed adult mice infected, crytosporidium parvum solanun nudum extracts, liver, mice infected, plasmodium berghei; ski 306x, herbal anti arthritic agent, osteoarthritis, knee; pancreatic islet regeneration, ephedrine, mice sterptozotocin induced diabetes; evaluation, hepatic, renal protective effects, ganoderma lucidum, mice; effects, jiawey siwu, rat activity; sensitization, tumor, not normal tissue, cytotoxic effect, ionizing radiation using panax notoginseng extract; acute toxicity, various oral doses, dried nerium oleander leaves, sheep; data compression, arterial pulse waveform; predicting traditional chinese medicine's use, marginalization, medical care, hong kong; passage, chinese medicine, west.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    acupuncture treatment, seasonal allergic rhinitis, randomized controlled clinical trial; controlled trial, acupuncture, chronic neck pain; hypothalamic effects, millimeter wave irradiation depend on location, exposed acupuncture zones, unanesthetized rabbits; effectiveness, acupuncture, moxibustion, lymphedema following intrapelvic lymph node dissection, preliminary report; does deqi, needle sensation exist; long term herbal treatment, pediatric aids; kampo herbal medicine, plasma melatonin concentration; whole bee venom, arthritis; antidiabetic effect, nitobegiku, kk ay diebetic mice; anti hypertensive effect, water extract, danshen, renovascular hypertension, inhibition, renin angiotensin system; inhibitory effect. carthamus tinctorius, l seed extracts, bone resorption mediated by tyrosine kinase, cox-2, clclooxygenase, pg, postaglandin, e2; anti aborative effect radix scutellariae, rhizoma atractylodis, mice; liver regeneration enhanced by orally administered ursodesoxycholic acid, mediated, immunosuppression, partially hepatectomized rats.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    american ginseng berry extract, blood glucose levels, ob/ob mice bitter melon, momordica charantia l, ginger rhizome, zingiber offifinale eosc, spontaneous mammary tumorigenesis, shn rats; aqueous extract, xiao ban xia tang, gastric emptying, mice; ninjin youei to, th1/th2 type cytokine production, different mouse strains; anti inflammatory, hepatoprotective activity, peh hue juwa chi cao, male rats; ameliorative effect, silene aprica, liver injuries induced, carbon tetrachloride, acetaminophen; cytoprotection, propolis ethanol extract, acute absolute ethanol induced gastric mucosal lesions; toxicity, nerium oleander, rhazya stricta, najdi sheep, hematologic, clinicopathological alterations; male silkworm moth, antheraea pernyi, key ingredient, hu bao, sheng bao, specific prolongation, life span, male fruit fly, drosophila melanogaster; effect, chinese medicine, bone cell activities; chinese medicine induces neurite outgrowth, pc12 mutant cells incapable, differentiation; effects, inula britannica, production, antibodies, cytokines, t cell differentiation, c57bl/6 mice immunized, ovalbumin; extract, leaves, toona sinensis roemor potent antiproliferative effect, human lung cancer cells.

  • the American Journal of Chinese Medicinethe American Journal of Chinese Medicine : an international journal of comparative medicine east and west

    auricular therapy, sleep promotion, elderly; cardiorespiratory response, energy expenditure, tai chi qui gong; qi training, heart rate variability; fabrication, evaluation, new composite composed, tricalcium phosphate, gelatin, chi li saan, bone substitute; red ginseng, postoperative immunity, survival, patients, stage III gastric cancer; hydroxyapatite, combination, far infrared rays, spontaneous mammary tumorigenesis, shn rats; neurotransmitter levels, brains, chronically jiawey siwu treated rats; tokishakuyakusan directly attenuates pacaps luteolytic action, luteal function, rat ovary; isocupressic acid blocks progesterone production, bovine luteal cells; orengdokuto scutellariae radix extract, aqueous flare elevation induced, intravitreal il 1apha, pigmented rabbits; fu ling regulates interleukin 10 production, murine spleen cells; protective effects, wuyaoshunqisan against h2o2 induced apoptosis, hippocampal cell line hib5; combination therapy, ephedra herb, loxoprofen caused gastric lesions, mice.

  • Acupuncture Treatment of DiseaseAcupuncture Treatment of Disease : Student Study Guide

    Wu, Jamie.

    Acupuncture protocols for treatment of diseases, principals of treatment, point selections, systems treating misc. disorders.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    gender diversity, academic medicine careers; women in medicine, enormous progress, stubborn challenges; integrated framework, gender equity, academic medicine; advancement, women, biomedical workforce, insights, sucess; programmactic efforts, national institutues of health, pormote, support, careers, women, biomedical science; inequities, academic compensation by gender, follow up, national faculty survey cohort study; longitudinal analysis, gender differences, academic productivity, medical faculty, 24 medical schools, united states; analysis, national institutes of health r01 application critiques, impact, criteria scores, does sex of principal investigator make a difference; mixed methods investigation, motivations, goals, aspirations, male, female academic medical faculty; gender, race, ethnicity, national institutues of health r01 research awards, is there evidence of double bind, women of color; variability, women faculty preferences regarding mentor similarity, multi institution study; how women, biomedical phd programs manage gender consciousness, persist toward academic research careers; coaching, augment mentoring, achieve faculty diversity, randomized controlled trial; is science built, shoulders, women, study, gender differences, contributorship; reducing implicit gender leadership bias, academic medicine, educational intervention; silent bias, challenges, obstacles, strategies, leadership development, academic medicine, lessons, oral histories, women professors, university of kansas.

  • MedlinePlus NIHMedlinePlus NIH : trusted health information from the National Instituues of Health

    understanding zika virus; alcohol, medicines, aging; confronting endometriosis, risks, symptoms, treatments; oral health, aging, tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, oral cancer, aging issues, disparities, older adults; colorectal cancer, early detection, risk factors, treatments, developments; precision medicine; age related macular degeneration,amd,risk, treatment.

  • CJOM California Journal of Oriental MedicineCJOM California Journal of Oriental Medicine

    erythema nodosum, clinical case study, reflections; overview, traditional thai medicine; pediartic acupuncture, practical applications, clinic; conversation, domestic cultivation, chinese herbs, healthcare medicine institutue; meaning climate change, personel level; yin, yang, climate crisis; auricular acupuncture, historical perspective; origins, shiunko ointment, traditional medicine classic literature, how made, purple cloud ointment; aom ( acupuncture and oriental medicine) and im ( integrative medicine) symbiotic collaboration.

  • The book of internal exercisesThe book of internal exercises

    Chang, Stephen T, 1935-

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