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  • Teachings of a Grand MasterTeachings of a Grand Master. A Dialogue on Martial Arts and Spirituality

    Behrens, Richard.

    meditation, mind, torishimaru aiki jutsu, torishimaru, aiki, jutsu, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, winning arguments.

  • Traditional Chinese Fitness ExercisesTraditional Chinese Fitness Exercises

    China Sports.

    Fitness, Daoyin, exercise, Yijinjing, Baduanjin, Brocade, Tai ji quan, Taijiquan, Qigoing, Qi gong, breath, massage, meniere's, eye exercises, longevity.

  • Forum, the acupuncture allianceForum, the acupuncture alliance : newsletter of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance

    alliance declares the year of membership, repay your dues, membership benfits, advance the profession; united we must stand; alliance news, new deputy director, chinese herbal medicine committee update, anthrax and tcm, acupuncture and blood donation; alliance issues anthrax advisory; state legislation, nevada, california; liver channel, scapular pain, balance method; alliance prosessional presentation packet makes public speaking easy; current, historic use, acupuncture, post traumatic stress, crisis support; ling shu, cosmic hinge; safety record of acupuncture, national acupuncture foundation, 2000; acupuncture, acutone, rediscovery, classical chinese tone therapy; patient's corner, what to do if your insurance won't pay, acceptance of acupuncture and oriental medicine, tonifing your wei qi, huang qi with chicken essence soup, astragalus.

  • Forum, the acupuncture allianceForum, the acupuncture alliance : newsletter of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance

    chinese materia medica safety guidelines working group meets; who are we and what are we doing?; perspectives of the alliance president; legislative up-dates; alliance encourages red cross to change questionnaire; report , north american council of acupuncture and oriental medicine, formerly the nafta acupuncture and oriental medicine commission; results, medical college of wisconsin survey; results of a private survey; creating a positive future; patient's corner, creating a unique path to wellness, determining a course of healing, the journey comes full circle, heavenly spinach and bean curd soup.

  • Natural PractionerNatural Practioner : the business magazine for alternative, complementary & integrative healthcare professionals

    have a stress free holiday; a practical guide to treating stress and anxiety, mind body issues, balance the biochemistry, structural and biophysics; council for responsible nutrition, crn, urges doctors to have open informed dialoque on supplement usage; university of arizona health sciences receives $1 million gift to support integrative medicine; dea postpones ban on kratom; bastyr university announces nutrition and culinary arts major for fall 2017; homeopathic manufacturers honor senator barbara ann mikulski; stressed out, caring for patients with long term stress,anxiety disorders, best accomplished, comprehensive treatment plan, approaches to treatment, herbal ingredients, homeopathic medicines, cranial electrotherapy, patient support; testing innovations; addressing reproductive woes, emotional isues, nutritional deficiences, hormonal imbalances, gut health, postpartum issues, offering support; product focus, combatting cold and flu; men's sexual health and the role of dhea, dehydroepiandrosterone, dehydroepiandrostenedione; chemical exposure linked to lower vitamin d levels; certain alternative therapies may help patients with bowel disorders; vitamin e may prevent pneumonia in nonsmoking elderly men; vitamin d during pregnancy may reduce risk od adhd symptoms; does meditation keep the emotional brain in check.

  • MassageMassage : exploring today's touch therapies

    national institutes of health,nih, national center for complementary and integrative health, nccih, evidence based evaluation of complementary health approaches for pain management in the united states, mayo clinic, massage one therapy effective for pain conditions; is your practice lgbtq friendly, create a welcoming space, needs and concerns, definitions, confidentiality; how can visceral manipulation help my massage clients; best practices interview; fill your appointment book, target clients you want to work with, identify ideal client, features versus benefits; top 6 ways to celebrate life, experience nature, simplify, lighten up, go green, learn, serve others; prenatal masage, far reaching benefits for mother and child, stress and pregnancy, physiological changes, when not to massage, client comfort, myths about prenatal massage; kinesiology taping for pregnant clients, increase movement capacity, benefits, body of evidence; foot massage is not reflexology, respect specialization, licensing, reflexology defined, similairities and differences, qualifications, credentialing, protect scope of practice; aromatherapy for animals, essential oils benefits and contraindications, healing aromas,8 safety cautions, chamomile, clary sage, helichrysum, lavender, neroli, sweet marjoram, sweet orange, tangerine; face toning massage, stress reduction, techniques; confidence helps build a practice, low confidence problems; new products and services; swedish massage decreases symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder; craniosacral therapy alleviates chronic neck pain.

  • The Journal of Chinese MedicineThe Journal of Chinese Medicine

    acumoxa treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome, differential diagnosis, qi and blood deficiency in the channels and collaterals with blood stasis, cold damp painful obstruction, liver and kidney yin deficiency with blood stasis, huatuojiaji points, motor points, manual tests for rotator cuff muscles suprapinatus infraspinatus teres minor, orthopedic tests for the shoulder hawkins kennedy test neer's impingement test codman test; clarifying the use of basal body temperature,bbt charting in traditional chinese medical clinical practice, yin yang and the sex hormones, pattern differentiation outside traditional comstructs, pathological bbt patterns, patient interaction and compliance; case report, acupuncture, whiplash associated disorder, pattern diagnosis, acupuncture prescription; traditional chinese medicine differential diagnosis of diabetes mellitus from the yellow emperor to modern research, unravelling nomenclature, historical references, modern texts, methodology; facial cosmetic acupuncture an alternative theory for the mechanics behind its effectiveness, micro needling, facial rejuvenation; treatment of emotional trauma and ptsd with chinese medicine, pathology and diagnosis of trauma in chinese medicine, conventional medical approach, comparing and contrasting eastern and western medicine, diagnosing emotional trauma with chinese medicine, gathering qi, soothing the trauma memory, case study, facial diagnosis, channel palpation diagnosis,pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, first treatment, second treatment; sustainability of chinese medicinal herbs,developments, some facts and figures about the chinese economy, current situation, wild gathering, cultivation, half wild cultivation, how are we affected as users of chinese medicine herbs outside of china; news, the future looks integrative, electroacupuncture reduces stool frequency as much as drugs in ibs, acupuncture better than morhine for pain in the emergency room, acupuncture provides mulitple post stroke benefits, acupuncture as good as morphine for lung cancer breathlessness, ear acupuncture effective for anxiety and depression, acupuncture turns down immune response to dust mites, acupuncture effective for stubborn pain in veterans, single ear acupuncture reduces low back pain, acupuncture adds benefit to standard care for prenancy back pain acupuncture improves cognitive function in schizophrenia, acupuncture halves time to conception, scalp acupuncture reduces tinnitus by half, ear acupuncture cheap and effective for cancer hot flushes, ear acupuncture calms anxiety in athletes, acupuncture can improve headache after traumatic brain injury, acupuncture improves insulin sensitivity in diabetes.

  • HerbalgramHerbalgram : Journal of the American Botanical Council

    kartom, medicine or menace, mitragyna speciosa, rubiacea; value chains, botanicals, herbal medicinal products, european perspective; herb profile, passionflower, passiflora incarnata, passifloraceae, history, cultural significance, current authorized usese in cosmetics, foods, medicine,modern research, future outlook; abc recognizes new herb adoptions by applied food sciences, ecoso dynamics, kava piper methysticum, devil's claw; new botanical adulterants bulletin focuses on arnica adulteran; ole miss, waters corps establish cutting edge natural products traing center; traditional medicinals foundation's social initiatives empower botanical farmers; further evidence for the clinical efficacy of cranberry, brief review of recent clinical trials; oral lavender oil reduces anxiety, depression, patints with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder, anxiolytic effect, antidepressant effect; meta analysis finds curcumin to be an effective adjunt treatment for major depressive disorder; nbty signs agreement with new york attorney general regarding dna testing od herbs; adulteration of pomegranate products, review; strengths and limitations of dna barcoding article published in planta medica; yarrow, achillea millefolium, asteraceae.

  • Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical DictionarySpanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary

    McElroy, Onyria.

    spanish, english, dictionary, medical dictionary, western medical dictionary.

  • Forum, the acupuncture allianceForum, the acupuncture alliance : newsletter of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance

    2001 alliance conference; alliance raises $10,000 for pr program, conference; creating a yes for all practioners; legislative up date; changing the politics of exclusion, creating freedom of movement for practioners; looking for a place to practice, come to nebraska; understanding role of liver depression, chronic diseases; acupuncture alliance committed to collaboration, competency, choice; annual report, acupuncture and oriental medicine alliance; patients corne, seasons of our lives, wellness tips, summertime, how to stay cool.

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