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  • the European Journal of Integrated Eastern and Western Medicinethe European Journal of Integrated Eastern and Western Medicine

    tcm treatment, male immune infertility, 100 cases; experience, yi juqing, treating female infertility; integrative medicine, yin/yang, yang/yin, interrelated levels, complexity, simplicity; acupuncture originated, china, not any other country; introduction, abodminal acupuncture; filiform needling techniques, back points.

  • the European Journal of Integrated Eastern and Western Medicinethe European Journal of Integrated Eastern and Western Medicine

    effect, acupuncture, depression; study, criteria, tcm syndomes, depression; central mechanisms, acupuncture; new points,treatment, cervical spondylosis; clinical analysis, treatment, parkinson’s disease; development, acupuncture, chinese medcine, singapore; treatment, acute leukemia; clinical study, wrist ankle acupuncture, study, atherosclerosis.

  • the European Journal of Integrated Eastern and Western Medicinethe European Journal of Integrated Eastern and Western Medicine

    acupuncture, labor; tcm education,europe; enuresis treatment; adhd, auricular therapy; proteinuria, integrating western, chinese medicine;chronic nephritis; electroacupuncture, facial paralysis; primary liver cancer; discussion, opinions, multiple needling techniques.

  • American Journal of AcupunctureAmerican Journal of Acupuncture

    Post-herpetic neuralgia. Electrodermal diagnostics. Immunosurveillance in cancer. AIDS. Magnets. Cervical spine syndrome. Auricular acupuncture in dogs. Reactive hypoglycemia as dysautonomia. Passive acupuncture for pain. MORA Therapy. Smoking cessation and laser acupuncture. Clinical ecology. Angina pectoris. Low back pain. Veterinary acupuncture analgesia. Diazepam with auriculotherapy. Cancer prevention. Warts. Acupressure for handicapped children. Acupunctometry and acupuncture injury potential. Irradiation. Headache after lumbar puncture. Torticollis. Gallstones. Labor and delivery. Alcoholic recidivism. Temporal region headache. Chiropractic sacral apex adjustment. AIDS and prevention of nosocomial disease. Treatment of diarrhea in pre-weaned piglets.

  • American Journal of AcupunctureAmerican Journal of Acupuncture

    Distance runners. Shock wave lithotripsy. Epstein barr virus. Shaolin acupuncture prescriptions and Buddhist lineage in Chinese medicine. Upper extremity paralysis. Stein leventhal syndrome. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and electroacupuncture. Veterinary medicine and acupoints on dogs. AIDS. Epileptic seizures. Diagnostics for acupuncturists. Bioenergy in healthy subjects. Stop smoking treatments. Allergic rhinitis. Dr. Sos Treatment of Disease with Acupuncture. Athletic Chinese Massage. Wind pathogen. Acupuncture analgesia in buffalo calves. Spinal cord origin and SI 3. Chronic tension headache. Mycosis fungoides. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Bioquantum mechanical theory and acupuncture. Crack addiction treatment. Phlegm fluid imbalance. Cortical somatosensory changes with acupuncture. Whiplash syndrome. Interferon. Ischemic heart disease. Lower extremity paralysis. Bioenergetics regulatory measurement instruments. Shang Han Lun and disease. Moxibustion and mammary carcinomas. Scientific bases of acupuncture. Acupressure eye exercises.

  • American Journal of AcupunctureAmerican Journal of Acupuncture

    Chronic asthma. Acupuncture-like effects by stimulating oral points. Chronic lower extremity pain. Brainwave patterns and acupuncture stimulation. Diabetes mellitus. Laseracupuncture analgesia. Meridians. Americanization of acupuncture. Nose microsystem. Cancer and chronic pain with lelectro acupuncture. Supraventricular tachycardia. Idiopathic facial paralysis. Detoxification. Vertebral realignment after acupuncture. Qigong. Spermatorrhea. Equine acupuncture and the 12 points. Ear exercises using auricular points. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Trigeminal neuralgia. Rheumatoid arthritis. Drug resistant hiccup and anterior wall myocardial infarction. Chronic pain. Flatulence. Effectiveness. Diagnostic homeopathy. Scientific model for acupuncture. Migraine. Neonatal jaundice. Blepharospasm. Laser acupuncture. Food stagnation in pediatrics. Cattle. Five phases and a mathematical model. Face microsystem. Pre-menstrual awareness.

  • American Journal of AcupunctureAmerican Journal of Acupuncture

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Schizophrenia and Electric Acupuncture. Homeostasis. Yin and Yan components of cell surface. Posterior paresis. Quantum mechanics and homeopathy, acupuncture. Tripartite diagnosis. CALE. Acupuncture vocabulary for doctors and patients. Qigong. Duodenal ulcer. Chronic immunodeficiency. Allergic rhinitis. Diabetes mellitus. Korean hand acupuncture. Microacupuncture. Gap junctions and skin conductance in acupuncture. Cun and needle depth. Dental amalgams and declining health. Inducing labor. Immunity and defense mechanisms. Neonatal jaundice. Supraventricular tachycardia and endobronchial tuberculosis. Systemic fungal infection. Systemic lupus erythematosus. Conduction of healing energy. lo Zu. Respiration, qi, and sense of smell. Low back pain and sciatica. TCM in china. Laser acupuncture. Odontogenous foci. Acupoint injection for late stage primary liver cancer. Sedation of hyperactive children. Sense of taste.

  • the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicinethe Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine : reserach on paradigm, practice and policy

    what does integration mean; royal jelly, high density lipoprotein levels, older patients; development, international questionnaire, measure use, complementary, alternative medicine, i-cam-q; cranial,rhythmic impulse, excessive crying, infants; homeopathic practioner’s , consultation, protocal, grounded theory study; review, reliability, traditional east asian medicine diagnoses; massage, advanced cancer, expectations; therapeutic massage, quality of life, breast cancer, treatment; reduction, conscious sedation. olfactory stimulation, prospective randomized single blinded trial; evaluation, topical b12, childhood eczema; impact, acupuncture, vasomotor rhinitis. randomized placebo controlled pilot study; nonpharmacological method, fibromyalgia, wool;association, pet ownership, self reported health status, chronic fatigue syndrome;efficacy, tolerability, adjunctive alternative herbal medicine, salvia miltiorrhiza, pueraria lobata, vascular function, structure, coronary patients; in vivo effects, ashwagandha, withania somvifera extract,activation, lymphocytes; effectiveness, guarana, paullinia cupana, posttraditional fatigue, depression, results, pilot double blind randomized study; is prayer cam? shakuyaku kanzo to, induces pseudoaldosteronisn, hypokalemia, rhabdomyolysis, metabolic alkalosis, respiratory compensation, increased urinary cortisol levels; session abstracts, north american research conference on complementary and integrative medicine may 12-15, 2009.

  • World Journal of Acupuncture-MoxibustionWorld Journal of Acupuncture-Moxibustion

    observation, efficacy, treating vascular dementia gait disorder, electro-acupuncture, jiaji,ex-b2, lumbar vertebracombined scalp acupuncture; clinical research, fracture middle, lower 1/3, tibiofibula,electroacupuncture; study, effects, acupuncture, menstruation, endocrine, normal body weight, polycystic ovary syndrome; observation, clinical efficacy, acupuncture, combined, direct moxibustion, fine strip moxa, 62 cases, herpes zoster; clinical observation, effect, cranial suture acupuncture, combined, donepezil hydrochloride tablets, azlheimer’s; observation, efficacy; acupuncture combined, rehabilitation training, post stroke balance disorders; tinnitus, electrical stimulation, acupoint, distribution area, ear vagus nerve, sound masking, randomized controlled trial; clinical resaerch, insomnia treated, acupuncture, back shu points;clinical efficacy, tension balance acupuncture, knee osteoarthritis; effect meridian stimulation, blood oxygenation level, brian, applying near infra red spectrum, nirs; system review, post stroke depression, acupuncture; 42 cases,simple pediatric diarrhea, chiropractic therapy; case, functional rehabilitation, replantation, severed limb; case, functional rehabilitation, replantation, severed limb; rome march 2014, chinese medicine; 2014 international symposium, acupuncture research; conference, global multi-center clinical research project, acupuncture, tennis elbow.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    caring for members, military, their families; creating open work spaces, academic medicine departments; standards for reporting qualitative research, synthesis, recommendations;attitudes, habits, highly humanistic physicians; overview, doctoral programs, health professions education.

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