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  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    chinese herbal drugs and behavior, behavior affecting herbal drugs, stress caused symptomatic and behavioral chenges in white mice, fatique preventing effect, effect of restoration from fatigue, chronic stress stimuli, effects on sexual and learning behavior, body tmperature, adrenal glands in mice, adrenal and pituitary th activities in mice, pharmacological properties of ginseng saponins GRb1 and GRg1, glossary og herbs; an outline of chinese medicine in hong kong, status of traditional medical doctor, associations of chinese medical practitioners, education and traing of herbalists, publications of books and journals on chinese medicine, scientific investigations of chinese medicine, conclusion; a study of the methods of processing ma chien tzu, strychnos nux vomica, experimental materials, quantitative analysis of strychnine in strychnos, pharmacological experiments, conclusion; kuei chih fu ling wan cinnamon and hoelen formula, objective and application, abdominal symptoms, explanation of formula and components, clinical studies, additions deletions and discriminations, special use of formula; huang lien chieh tu tang coptis and scute combination, san huang hsieh hsun tang coptis and rhubarb combination, abdominal pain, hemorrhage, insomnia, mental disorders.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    selected antitumor agents from chinese medicinal plants, clinically useful, alkaloids,catharanthus roseus, chang chun hua, camptotheca acuminata hsi shu, cephalotaxus harringtonia san chien shan, crotalaria spectabilis, lycoris radiata shih suan, colchicum autumnale chia sui hsien, stephania tetrandia fen fang chi, sophora alopecuroides ku to tzu, indigo naturalis ching tai, isodon rubescens tung ling tsao, curcuma zedoaris peng o zhu, podophyllum shih chang kuei chu, gossypium herbaceum tsao men. ochrosia moorei mo shih mei kuei shu. helitropium indicum kuo wei chung, maytenus hookeri mei teng mu, tripterygium wilfordii lui kung teng, taiwanese mollis peh teng shu wu, shan che lan, yu shan shu chu tsao, daphne genkwa yuan hua, brucea javanica ya tan tzu; ling kan chiang wei hsin hsia jen tang, hoelen and schizandra combination, types and syndromes, explanation, composition and therapeutic effects, object and scope of uses; tang kuei shao yao san, tang kuei and peony formula, objective and application, constituents of the formula and modern interpretation, clinical experiments, japanese kanpo doctors, discrimination in use, kuei chih fu ling wan cinnamon and hoelen, tang kuei chien chung tang , tang kuei cinnamon and peony; chia wei hsiao yao san, bupleurum and peony; tang kuei szu ni tang, tang kuei and jujube; wen ching tang, tang kuei and evodia, chiung kuei chiao ai tang, teng kuei and gelatin; ko ken tang, pueraria combination, fever, common cold, suppuration, skin disease, ache.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    fu zhen herbs, treatment, cancer, chei shei, major actions, methods; chemistry, biological activities of tannins, hydrolyzable, gallotannin, condensed tannins, physiological activity, conclusion; chemistry of coptis, components, quantitative analysis of berberine in coptis and in herbal formulas; san huang hsieh hsin tang, essential hypertension, materials and methods, preparation, effects on blood pressure and heart rate, serum cholesterol , side effects, subjective symptoms; application of chinese herbal medicine, tang kuei shao yao san, tang kuei and peony formula, stop bleeding and nourish blood, common symptoms of tang kuei and gardenia combination conformation.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    concept of health, disease and oriental healing arts, social concern, definition of health, theories of health and disease, theory yin and yang, process of disease and healing, role of oriental healing arts in health care system; abdominal diagnosis and discriminations of chinese herbal medicine, palpatation, epigastric signs, bupleurum signs, gastro-intestinal disorders, pinellia combination, ginger and pinellia, pinellia and licorice, ginseng and ginger, ginseng and atractylodes, cardamon and fennel, abdominal fullness, major rhubarb, minor rhubarb, obese firm type, weak type, delicate constitution, major zanthoxylum, fullness beneath heart firm type, hoelen five herb, atracylodes and hoelen, large-boned or obese firm, minor bupleurum, bupleurum and chih shih, bupleurum and cinnamon and ginger, abdominal spasms, peony and liocrice, rehmannia eight, rehmannia six, achyranthes and plantago, fire in liver, deficient liver yin, stagnant blood, cinnamon and hoelen, rhubarb and leech, tang kuei and peony; coronary heart disease, causes and treatments, hypertension, obesity and diabetes, exercise and hdl levels, diet, polyunsaturates, milk, smoking, minrals and vitamins, stress, western treatments high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, chelation, coronary bypass , free radicals, chinese treatments hypertension, lycium chrysanthemum and rehmannia, left returning, right returning, atherosclerosis, coptis and rhubarb, baked licorice, gambir, rehmannia eight, maodungching; acupuncture chinese herbs and hyperactive children, western medical view hyperactivity, traditional chinese view, commonly used points, commonly used formulas, case studies, conclusion; treatment of common cold, etiology, diagnosis and differentiations, pathology, treatment; current scientific research in oriental herbal medicine, public hazards, food hazarda, drug hazards, amp adenosine monophosphate, gmp guanosine monophosphate, interferon, stress, shang han lun and six stages of disease, pueraria combination, minor bupleurum, inflammation, allergy, blood stasis, postaglandins, hla homologous leucocyte antibodies, scientific studies of chinese herbs, cortex eucommiae, tu chung, commercial radix bupleuri, chai hu, fructus, chih tzu, clematis, wei ling hsien, scute, huang ch'in, tang kuei, hemostatic herbs, fritillaria cirrhosa, pei mu.

  • MassageMassage : exploring today's touch therapies

    u.s. kids at risk for low back pain; new study links post menopause and anxiety; mirror touch synesthesia; mother earth needs us, reduce, reuse, recycle; how can I add spa services to my practice; how to create a healthy, happy workplace, five steps to passion and engagement; top 7 steps to successful online engagement; attract and retain your ideal clients; help for migraines, somatic approach, touch work, stack the body, ease tight tissue; visceral manipulation, modern use, visceral spine, gentle alternative, infertility, compensation patterns, autoimmune conditions; neurotoxic consequences, how common substances contribute to neuropathiac pain, environmental stimuli, neurotoxins, tissue damage, myofascial masqueraders, long term effects; slef myofascial release for injury prevention, risk factors, body mechanics; living in balance, connect with nature, mental benefits, physical benefits, spiritual benefits, emotional benefits; scalp massage reduces stress hormones, blood pressue; foot reflexology improves sleep among hospitalized heart patients.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    physiological actions of tang kuei and cnidium,anodyne and tranquilizing actions, actions on blood and circulatory system, action on visceral smooth muscles, effects on antiulceration and secretion of gastric juice, antiphlogistic immunologic and antiallergic actions, tonifying action and its influence on sexual function, antibacterial action, external use, toxicity; treatment of hypertension with chinese herbal extracts, indications cited from drug literature, indefinite complaints and chinese herbal formulas, pharmaceutical actions, clinical reports, explanation of formulas; clinical effects of hsiao chai hu tang, minor bupleurum combination in treating children's urinary tract infections, subjects and methods, results, overviewshang han lun, degenerative disease and postillness treatment, knotted chest, knotted viscera and fire adversity, pinella combination focusing on subcardiac distention, licorice and pinellia, pinellia and ginger, therapeutic cases, fire adversity and its therapy, herbal formulas used in fire adversity, postillness treatment, gardenia, soybean relish.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    herbal formulas commonly used for cancer, ch'i blood and water diseases, lungs, spleen stomach intestines, liver gallbladder, kidneys urinary bladder, western medicinal views, chinese medicinal views, difference between cancey and other tumors, factors that cause cancer, anticancer herbs and formulas, treatment, gastric, esophageal, liver, colonic abscess and cellulitis, lung, uterine, breast, nasal, oral, laryngeal, thyroid, malignant lymphoma, brain, bone, gravitation abscess and coagulation of sputum, skin, bladder, penile, kidney, testicular, pancreatic, auricular, parotid gland, ocular; myasthenia gravis, tzu sheng ming mu tang chrysanthemum combination. ko ken tang pueraria combination, hsiao ching lung tang minor blue dragon combination; chueh yin diseases, patterns, treatment, application aconite and g.l. combination, yang restoring treatment in case of emergency, lientery, vomiting adversity, limbic spasms and somatic aching, kan chiang fu tzu tang ginger and aconite combination, kan tsao kan chian tang licorice and ginger combination.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    hypertension, chinese herbal formulas, pharmacology, firm and weak conformation, blood pressure, therapy; administration of bupleurum and dragon bone combination plus cinnamon and peony, elderly, methods, results, cases, side effects; oriental diet therapy, nutrition, theoretical basis, ching lo chi, etiological factors, pattern of symptoms cheng directionality, properties of food, principles of oriental diet ,practical applications, diet for system diseases; major conformation of hsiao yin disease, differentiations, mahuang and asarum combination, aconite, licorice, cinnamon and six herb combination, vitality combination chen wu tang, diarrhea, edema skin disease,vertigo and ataxia, hypertensive disease, discrimination.

  • HerbalgramHerbalgram : Journal of the American Botanical Council

    lycium barbarum, l. chinense, goji berry, history, cultural significance, current authorized uses cosmetics foods medicines. modern research, future outlook; abc recognizes herb adoptions by futureceuticals and naturopathica, coffee fruit, arnica montana; american botanical council, 2016 year in review; abc welcomes 12 new advisory board members; abc requests fda continue revise, new dietary ingredient draft guidance; abc requests dea not to proceed with restrictive scheduling of kratom mitragyna speciosa; botanical adulterants program named best of indusrty for 2016 by nutritional outlook; new botanical adulterants bulletins published on saw palmetto and st john's wort; census of greek medical manuscripts illuminates centuries of herbal medicine practice; results of new cranberry trial in jama misreported to the public; hops humulus lupulus extract reduces body fat in overweight subjects; ashwagandha root extract improves symptoms of ocd in certain patients; flax seed and chamomile flower infusion relieves dry mouth in elderly patients; medical fungi, mushrooms, chemistry, activity, product assurance, mycelia vs. fruiting bodies, chemical and pharmacological differences, comparing biological activity, i=undigested grain in mycelial products, quality control, testing, conclusion; nasc preferred supplier program focuses on quality standards in animal supplement industry; borage.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    reaching out beyond health care system, achieve healthier nation; training physicians for structural interventions; political future of social medicine, physicians as activists; time to talk about race and racism; critical consiousness raising, medical education; medical-legal partnership approach, teaching social determinants, health and structural competency, residency; structural vulnerability operationalizing, concept, address health disparities, clinical care; surveying resident, faculty physician knowledge, attitudes, experiencs, public lead contamination; medical education for social justice; student trauma, free speech, institutional responsibility; framwork, entrustable professional activities, supported by competencies, milestones, bridge the educational continuum; modifying theory, content, method, foster critical consciousness, students, model for cultural competence training; queer frontiers, medicine, strutural competency; integrating, assesing structural competency, innovative prehealth curriculum, vanderbilt; recognizing privilege and bias, interactive exercise, expand health care providers personal awareness; implicit racial bias, medical school admissions; collaboratiom platforms, china, translational, clinical research, partnership, peking university health science center, university of michigan medical school; helping students engage, community partners, enrich, accelerate translational research; using problem sets, capstone course, improve fourth year medical students confidence, self directed learning.

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