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  • A Manual of AcupunctureA Manual of Acupuncture

    Deadman, Peter.

    acupuncture, point location, acupuncture theory.

  • Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (CMDT) 2019Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (CMDT) 2019

    Papadakis, Maxine.

    CMDT 2019: Disease prevention, health promotion, western medical diagnosis, biomedical treatment, pre-operative, post-operative, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, opthalmology, otolaryngology, cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, toxicology, urology, cancer.

  • MassageMassage : exploring today's touch therapies

    2019 buyers guide; guide to retail products; if you don't sell retail products, your practice is not as effective as it could be; can you really create product displays in a session room; 7 steps to marketing retail products; help clients make informed decisions about self care products; make your practice dream a reality; comprehensive client retention strategy; top 5 ways to refresh your practice; bring joy back to your practice; online marketing 101; create a business budget, 4 steps to financial power.

  • Post-gynecological Surgery Fever report # 115Post-gynecological Surgery Fever report # 115 : blue poppy press recent research

    post-gynecological surgery fever; yin vacuity, zhi bai di huang tang jia jian, anemarrhenae, phellodendron and rehmannia decoction; qi vacuity, bu zhong yi qi tang jia jian, supplement the center and boost qi decoction; food stagnation, bao he tang jia wei, harmony preserving decoction with added flavors.

  • Post-abortion Bleeding report #168Post-abortion Bleeding report #168. blue poppy press recent research

    post-abortion bleeding, yi qi qing gong tang, boost the qi and clear the palace decoction; medicinal abortion unstopping hemorrhage.

  • Herbal Handbook, TheHerbal Handbook, The : A Users Guide to Medical Herbalism


    Describes medicinal uses for a variety of common herbs, and tells how to grow, dry, store, and cook with herbs.

  • Post-abortion Amenorrhea report #122Post-abortion Amenorrhea report #122 : blue poppy press recent research

    post-abortion amenorrhea; post artificial abortion blocked menstruation, quickening the blood and transfroming stasis; sheng hua tang, engendering and transforming decoction; shi xiao san, loose a smile powder.

  • Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis report #133Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis report #133. blue poppy recent research report

    polymyositis, dermtomyositis, connective tissue disease; pattern discrimination, impediment condition, yin vacuity.

  • Austin Fit MagazineAustin Fit Magazine

    why fiber is the not so secret key to weight loss; new year, new reads: nutrition; heads down, hearts out: alcohol and drug addictions; uncovering talent through opportunity, andy roddick foundation; aaron ross and sanya richards ross; cat osterman; preventing osteoporosis; human wellness is the new corporate wellness; wellness faq, apeiron center for human potential; fitness guide, local fitness centers; five things you should know about running injuries; athlete spotlight, phil radford, shoal creek striders; no equipment home workout; new design for pease park.

  • Chinese Medicine and Peripheral Neuropathy report #227Chinese Medicine and Peripheral Neuropathy report #227 : blue poppy recent research report

    chinese medicine and peripheral neuropathy; polyneuropathy and peripheral neuritis; amitripyline, elavil; qi and yin vacuity, blood stasis in the network vessels; yi qi zhu tong mai tang, boost the qi, dispel stasis and free the flow of the vessels decoction.

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