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  • Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (CMDT) 2017Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (CMDT) 2017

    Papadakis, Maxine.

    CMDT 2016: Medical diagnosis, western medical diagnosis, biomedical treatment, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, opthalmology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, neurology, toxicology, urology.

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine : Second Edition

    Maciocia, Giovanni.

    obstetrics, gynecology, Chinese medicine,herbal formulas, treatment of disease,physiology, menstrual, menses, periods, PMS, pregnancy, fetus, miscarriage, anxiety, midwifery, post-natal, depression, childbirth, retention of lochia, breast feeding, mastitis, infertility, menopausal, breat lumps, vaginal discharge, uterus, prolapse, vulvar, endometriosis, PCOS, myoma.

  • Academic MedicineAcademic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

    addressing authorship issues prospectively, heuristic approach; expanding group peer review, proposal , medical education scholaship; predatory publishing, an emerging threat to medical litraeture; educational value, case reports; smartphones, health research; demystifying scoping reviews; advancing women's health, women's leadership with endowed chairs; big data, learning analytics approach, process level feedback, cognitive simulations; family medicine education, china; why medical students should embrace wikipedia, final year medical student contributions to wikipedia articles for academic credit; coached peer review; working definitions, rolse, organizational structure, health professions education scholarship, initiating an international conversation; community mentorship program, providing community engagement opportunities for early stage clinical, translational scientists, facilitate research translation; team mentoring, interdisciplinary team science; surveys of health professions trainee, prevalence, reponse rates, predictive factors, guide reseachers; characteristics, biostatistics, epidemiology, resaerch design,clinical, translational science awards; impact, administrative burden, academic physicians; characteristics, international medical graduates, been disciplined by professional regulatory colleges, canada, retrospective cohort study; increasing scholarly activity productivity during residency, systematic review.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    dermatosis, chia wei hsiao yao san, bupleurun and peony formula, subjects, therapeutic method, standard for judging, generalization of investigation, therapeutic period and effect, conclusion; quality evaluation, bupleurum according to content, saikosaponins using high performance liquid chromatography, translator's note, experimental materials and method, results, discussion; introduction and influence of pen ts'ao kang mu, materia medica, japan, jin shih ying, ; yang ming disease weak conformation, various types weak and strong, considerations, case studies, clinical application of gypsum combination, gypsum calcium sulfate, anemarrhena, ginseng and gypsum clinical applications of combination, pai hu chia chih tang gypsum and cinnamon, combination case studies.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    natural methods to enhance immunity; effects on immune system disease, effects on infectious diseases, prevention of tumors; immunology defined; functions, immune system, responses, nonspecific resistance, how phagocytosis occurs, dual nature of specific resistance, cell mediated, humoral, miscellaneous concepts, acquired immunity; nutrients, immune enhancement, water soluble vitamins, fat soluble, amino acids, lipids fats, minerals trace elements, zinc, magnesium, selenium, calcium, copper, cobalt, manganese, chromium, iodine, vanadium, nickel, heavy metals cadmium lead mercury; chinese herbs and immunity, affect various system components, antibodies immunoglobulins, effects hypersensitivity reactions, adrenal cortex and inflammation, infectious diseases; ; mental attitude, protein malnutrition, glandular based supplementation.

  • MeridiansMeridians : the Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

    acupuncture, symptomatic relief, pruritic urticarial papules, plaques, pregnancy, traditional chinese medicine perspective, pattern differentiation, case description, diagnosis, treatment, results, discussion, conclusion; xiao chai hu tang, minor bupleurum decoction, chronic constipation, case description, ingredients modified si wu ma zi ren wan, four substance cannibis pill, ingredients modified xiao cahi hu tang, discussion, conclusion; how to prepare a scientific research poster for presentation at a conference; chinese medicine, recurrent secondary vesicoureteral reflux symptoms, result, chronic urinary tract infections, abstract, biomedical perspective, traditional chinese medicine perspective, case history, lab results, examination, tcm diagnosis and rationale, etiology and pathogenesis, treatment principles, rationale and plan, point location, method of stimulation and rationale; herbal formula, ba aheng san relieving formula, zhen wu tang true warrior decoction, results, discussion, conclusion; new paradigms in integrative medicine, reconcliling scientific research and chinese medicine; what is biofield and how is it intgral to acupuncture; are rcts the key, random clinical trials; acupuncture effective in icu; reduction of pain using acupuncture, oncology settings; diet modifications and culturally designed tools to help chinese speaking americans with diabetes; how valid and valuable are double blind studies; finding regarding tai chi to improve cognition, elderly; can chronic pain be treuly assessed and reduced by non pharmaceutical means; acupuncture and rcts random clinical trials, a critique of sham and verum methodologies, placebo and sham acupuncture, problem of inertness, sham and mechanistic studies, what is the verum problem, conclusion; how do you treat difficulty with swallowing; society of integrative oncology 13th nternational conference, advancing the global impact of integrative oncology; shao chong, lesser surge, characters of the name, location, action and indications, jing well point, wood point, affecting the other end of the channel, affecting tendomuscular meridian, shen transformation of emotions.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    chinese anticancer herbs, crotalaria sessiliflora, nun chi li, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicity, preventive medicine against hepatoxicity; concept of pathology, chinese medicine after the sung dynasty, four great physicians of chin yuan era, liu wan su cool cold school, chang tzu ho school of attacking and purging, li tung yuan school of tonifing earth, chu tan chi school of nourishing yinschool of warming tonification ming dynasty, school of conservation school moderation in ming dynasty, school of epidemic febrile diseases, invigorating blood, dissipating stagnation of blood in the ching dynasty, studies on shang han lun after the sung dynasty, anatomy during the sung dynasty; an annotated bibliography of selected chinese medical references; progression and order of ying ming disease, clinical status, application of cheng chi tang formulas, strong and weak yang ming stage,application of cheng chi tang; effect of pa wei ti huang wan, rehmannia eight formula, subjective syptoms of hypertrophy, prostate; experimental use of tsumuda made preparations, treating disturbances and indefinite post surgical complaints; biochemistry of bupelurum; acute myocardial infarction, traditional and western medicine; pharmacologic effects of anisodamine; dermal itching, tsumuda pharmaceutical herbal preparations.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    clinical research, hyperthyroidism, chih kan tsao tang, baked licorice, chai hu chia lung mu tang, bupleurum and dragon bone, cases,review, conclusion; indications, habitual constipation, jun chang tang, composition and similar prescriptions,linum and rhubarb, oriental and western medicine, cases, medicinal functiond, conclusion; uterine myoma, western and chinese views, treatment by chinese medicine and by japanese kanpo practioners, cases; hsiao yang stage, bupleurum cinnamon and ginger combination, oyster shell, trichosanthes root, dry ginger, clinical application, ping ping, ho ping, jian ping, modified therapy, chih shih, aurantium, rhubarb, digestive system diseases, respiratory disease, circulatory disorders, nervous and neurotic disorders.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    basic theory of chinese herbal medicine, yin-yang, comparison chinese herbal medicine and occidental medicine; classification of conditions, human body by yin - yang, classification of herbs by yin-yang, correspondence between conditions, human body and herbs; chinese formulas, five element theory; bupleurum chinense,chai hu, saiko, chemistry, pharmacology, effect on metabolism, protection of liver, antipyretic action, hemolytic action, preparations; treating internal organ syndromes with chinese herbal therapy, lungs, large intestine, spleen, stomach, heart, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, kidney, bladder; ten lectures, chinese herbal medicine, clinical picture, chest distress, hsiao chai hu tang, minor bupleurum combination, case studies; neurosis; children's constitutional weakness; abstracts, clinical studies, chinese herbs.

  • Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.ABulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institution of U.S.A

    outline, development, chinese herbal medicine; properties, actions; four directions; classification according to therapeutic actions on channels, kuei ching; processing; dosage forms, traditional chinese drugs; contraindications; dosage, chinese herbal drugs; methods of decocting, administering herbal drugs; classification, medicinal herbs.

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